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The BarthCalderon Planning Assessment
3 Easy Steps
Step 1
Pick a convenient time for your initial brief interview call. This provides you the opportunity to explain the current state of your planning and any hot button issues.
Step 2
You will speak with one of our experts for direct input on your personal objectives. We offer a Zoom video call, conference call or in-person at our office.
Step 3
We will deliver your personalized planning summary with our observations and recommendations to get organized, updated and protected.

We then stand ready to help you pull it all together at your request.
Get Help In These Areas & More!
  • ​Proper legal entity for your business (S, C, LLC)
  • ​Asset protection for your stocks, bonds & cash
  • ​You just need the basics when it comes to estate planning
  • ​Guard investment property from lawsuits
  • ​How to pass assets to kids in the most protected way
  • ​Single member VS multi member LLC
  • ​Asset protection for your life insurance policies
  • ​Inside liability VS outside liability - find out the difference when it comes to your business and property
  • ​Protect the equity in your home from creditors
  • ​Selling a business & moving on to the next chapter and need input on many levels from the transaction itself to asset protection & estate planning to financial planning
  • ​You have special needs child requiring appropriate planning
  • ​Discover how to properly bring a child into the business
  • ​Get input & help with the ongoing maintenance requirements of your legal entities
  • ​Proper use of a Domestic Asset Protection Trust
  • ​Make sure your estate plan includes asset protection provisions
  • ​You want to create separate property agreement with your spouse
  • ​Pass assets to kids via asset protection trust and help to protect your inheritance
  • ​Create new will & trust or update old. Laws have changed, are you updated?
  • ​Find out about unique tax reduction strategies for owners and entrepreneurs
  • ​Review or create a proper asset protection Buy/Sell Agreement
  • ​Using IRA LLC to guard the assets in the IRA
  • ​How to go from S Corp to LLC with zero tax impact
  • ​You are a blended family & your estate and asset protection plan needs to reflect this
  • ​Your elderly parents need help with their planning
  • ​You are a trustee and need some trustee coaching
  • ​Discover how to protect assets from financial drain of long term illness
  • ​Help protecting liquid funds
  • ​1031 Exchanges - how it all works in relation to taxes, estate planning, asset protection
We Are Your Planning Quarterback

60% of Americans have ZERO estate or asset protection planning in place.

Of the 40% of those who have some planning, much of that is outdated or improper.

Then life throws a curve-ball & people and businesses get hurt.

Let us help you get organized, updated & protected!
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