Once you form a legal entity, the next step is to properly operate your business. Running your business the right way is what shields you from personal and business liabilities. 

One small misstep could lead to penalties and fees and your business being out-of-compliance. Disaster happens if you get sued and your business is not in good standing.

We can help to ensure that any and all of your entities are always in good standing. Click below to learn more.
How it works
We will perform an initial on-line review of your compliance standing (for existing businesses) to identify what fees & filings may be due to ensure your Entity is up-to-date.
Once enrolled, we will:
• Create a customized compliance calendar
• File annual registration and renewals in State(s) of formation
• Ensure proper filing fees are paid
• Ensure registered agent fees are paid
• Maintain a digital record of all forms filed and all fees paid
We deliver for you
We will provide timely evidence of filings to Entity’s Owner, Secretary and Manager
We will maintain an accurate and monthly accounting of funds received and expended
@ A registered agent is a person or entity, designated in the articles of incorporation / organization, who can accept legal documents and notifications from a state office on behalf of a corporate entity. All corporations and Limited-Liability Companies (LLCs) must choose a person or entity to act as their registered agent. 

@ There are few restrictions regarding who can be a registered agent other than that the person or entity must be located and available at a physical street address within the state during normal business hours. It is important that you select a reliable company when choosing your registered agent.

@ Perhaps you've heard that you can act as your own registered agent... Not a good idea!
If you act as your own agent, you don't have the flexibility to close your office or have flexible hours since you must always be open to accept service of process (SOP). 

@ Additionally, having a professional registered agent saves you from potentially being served with legal papers in front of your family, clients, neighbors or vendors. Lastly, you will appreciate having a service to track and notify you of annual reports being due and other filings that you may have to periodically file.
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