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Brad Barth, Esq.

Estate & Asset Protection expert

#1 Keynote Speaker

As a skilled lecturer, Brad is in high demand for his eye-opening workshop on asset protection planning.

Brad has conducted thousands of workshops for business, professional, executive leadership and financial organizations.

He is a personal and business legal expert who helps clients protect wealth utilizing asset protection and estate planning tools and strategies.

"This Is Fantastic Value"

Grab a pen and paper and get ready for Brad's Master Class on asset protection planning.

Brad will deliver valuable insight into the current landscape of asset protection and the jaw dropping reasons you need it.

You will learn about real life cases and how the families were impacted.

Did you know that over 30 million lawsuits are filed in the U.S. each year?

Of course you probably believe an attack on your assets will never happen. "That happens to other people."

But it happens all across America all the time. Businesses, homes, cash, income property are attacked by unforeseen lawsuits every day of the year.

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What you will learn:
+ What asset protection is.

+ What asset protection is not.

+ Who needs asset protection.

+ Can a creditor take your home? How to guard against this.

+ Urban myths about asset protection.

+ Learn about the limitations of your insurance policy.

+ What is the homestead exemption and does it really work?

Even more great information!

+ Proper structure for your rental property to protect assets.

+ Discover the top mistakes property owners make setting up LLC's and how to avoid them.

+ Inside liability versus outside liability.

+ How asset protection integrates with your estate planning.

+ Find out why your living trust provides ZERO asset protection.

+ Learn about the difference between IRA's & 401k's in asset protection planning.
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