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Harry Barth, Esq.
I am a nationally recognized asset protection expert.
I am your advocate, helping to protect you from life's unforeseen pitfalls.
There are over 40 million lawsuits filed in the U.S. each year with devastating results.
Are you protected? In this live webcast, I will pull the curtain on the top asset protection tools & strategies you can utilize right now.
Martin Greenbaum, Esq.
I own one of the largest collection law firms in the country.
I am passionate about helping my clients collect on a judgement and I am relentless.
If life throws you a curve ball and I am hired to attack your assets, the misery for you will ensue.
In this live webcast, I will reveal how I am able to take your assets, even your home!

What You Will Learn:
+ What asset protection is.

+ What asset protection is not.

+ Who needs asset protection.

+ Can a creditor take your home? How to guard 
   against this.

+ Urban myths about asset protection.

+ Learn about the limitations of your insurance 

+ What is the homestead exemption and does 
   it really work?

Even More Great Information!

+ Proper structure for your rental property to 
   protect assets.

+ Discover the top mistakes property owners 
   make setting up LLC's and how to avoid them.

+ Inside liability versus outside liability.

+ How asset protection integrates with your 
   estate planning.

+ Find out why your living trust provides ZERO 
   asset protection.

+ Learn about the difference between IRA's & 
   401k's in asset protection planning.
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